West Mountain, Utah

Bio: These Are The Ties That Bond © Erica C. McClendon No one is ever born into this world alone, but the Lord connected us to someone's family tree. Everyone has shared the bond of family whose name always has a history. These are the ties- My family, better known as my loved ones, They were the ones who were the first to see me shed a tear. They were the first to see me grow over the years. Your family, they're usually the first to work your nerves but they are also the first to help heal your hurts. They are usually the ones who would put up with you despite your faults right to the very end, and no matter how many times you go astray (get lost) they always accept you back into the bond again. I think of my family. No matter how many hateful things we did to one another or hateful words we have shared when affliction came upon our lives we were the first and last ones there. It kind of reminds me of Jesus, my personal Savior and eternal friend, But the only thing about Him is he'll be there to the end. I thank God for our many disagreements, they just made our bond grow tight, and I can't even count on one hand how many times we went our distance, but somewhere down the line, God always caused us to reunite. These are the ties that bond, and this is the bond that holds the family together, and these are the ties that make the family's endurance last forever. I have been blessed to live in many different part of the world: Japan, England, Italy, and in the USA, born in California, lived in Virginia, Maryland, Texas and now retired in Utah. I come from a big family, two extraordinary parents, Donald Barrett & Della Rae Smith Danner, with two brothers, three sisters. My first marriage was 18 years and from it I have five adorable wonderful children, two daughters, three sons, that I love beyond anything I thought was possible. I have been in my current marriage to Danny, that I love and adore for 14 years,. With my husband Danny I have been blessed to add five adult step children into our blended family: three-step daughters and two-step sons. I have come to love them as if they were my own children. Yes, you did that math right, that is 10 children in Danny and My family! At the current time we have 16 wonderful grandchildren, with # 17 due in Aug and #18 due in Oct. My life has always been about family. They are my passion, my hobby, my everything. Pretty much everything I have come to enjoy doing can be tracked back to learning to do it with someone in my family. Things we do to enjoy our lives are: Swimming, Boating, Out Door Adventures, Travel, Scrap booking, Photography, Geology,Reading, Dinning Out, Movies, History, Dancing, Crocheting, Spots of many kinds, some being Boat Racing, Football, Running, NHRA, Basketball, and Gymnastic. I enjoy making holidays and other special days like birthdays as memorable as possible. My favorite thing in all of life is spending any time I can with family or bragging about my family to anyone who with listen to me about them 😉

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m with you on this one! Family is what it’s all about. Just got the news yesterday we will be welcoming grandchild #10 to our family in December. He/she will have a close cousin, as another daughter will provide #9 in October this year. We are so blessed! Gail

    • 🙂 I thought nothing could top being a mother, until I became a grandma … its the joys of spending whatever time we can with our live ones that help us stay strong during the bumps that show up from time to time in life.

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I am going to follow you as well. Your line back to Adam is amazing, and I’d love to know how your brother did that. I hope you will fill us in as you do your own research.

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