Keeping My Focus where it Matters Most!

32783-success-quotes-achievementSometime I get so focus on my weekly weigh in and measurements, that I forget the whole picture of the goal I have set out to achieve this year. If I put my  focus on only a part of my success, I might miss the beauty of the whole journey.  For me, the first month on the 5 and 1 eating plan I lost 20 pounds and several inches of several areas of my body.  So when I did my 6 week weigh in and measurements this morning and realized I have only lost 2 pounds in two weeks, and one inch off my thigh area, which is not as much as I had lost the first month.  I found myself feeling down.  Then I went back and read my daily journal. As I realized all the others success I have achieved and the wonderful friends I made along this journey,  I started to change my focus from the scales and the measuring tape, instead I started counting the small, simple changes that I have done that has increased my quality of life. A step toward my goals, no matter how simple or small, is still taking me in the right direction.

My desire to have the best quality of health and life I can create for myself, is far greater than my fear of being overweight. There is no magic pill that can instantly take me from where I am now, to where I want to be, at least not a safe and healthy way that I prefer. So to reach my goal to lose the 80 plus pounds I need to learn to make daily changes in my habits that will take me to my target weight goal.  For me, to keep going towards my desire goal I need to make one wise choice at a time. What I can do now is to learn to enjoy the whole process, learn from others, try to help others, be in my here and now, celebrate even the smallest of success.  Things will go in the direction I want, even if I fall, or have a setback, I will get up, learn from it, and keep moving toward my biggest goal, which is not the weight loss, it’s the improved health and quality of life. The weight will come off, as part of the journey I am working towards.