Need Some Helpful Advice From Any Grandmothers who have gone in to the Labor & Delivery


This is not my first grandchild....but its the first time I will be in the labor and delivery :)

This is not my first grandchild….but its the first time I will be in the labor and delivery 🙂

I could use some helpful advice from any grandmothers who have gone in to the labor and delivery with your daughter to help and witness the birth of your grandchild. My oldest daughter ask me to be there for her daughter’s birth almost nine years ago, but we live 2000 miles apart and I books my flight to go out there a week before her due date. The problem was our grand-daughter decide to come two weeks early 😉 So I miss her birth by 6 days.

. Now my second daughter is going to be giving birth anytime now, and she lived close by so I know I should make it to the hospital with her and her husband. I had given birth to my own five children, so figured I was prepared to go in and help my daughters in the birth of their children, if they asked me to. Yet, I find the closer the due date is getting, the more nervous I am becoming. I am still over joyed and excited about being blessed to be part of my newest grandson’s birth. I have been getting online and reading anything I can get my hands on to read on how I, in the grandma role, can be a supporting role for my daughter, son-in-law and soon to be grandson Declan. Yet, I somehow still feel unprepared. I know I will be extra emotional and not sure how well I will handle witnessing my daughter in discomfort during the labor and delivery process. I want to be 100 % supportive and give my daughter all the love I have ever felt for her at this joyful time in her life.

So, I am doing this blog this week to ask all Grandmother who read this for some advice as to the ways you found you were helpful and what are the “DO NOTS” for me to remember so I don’t make any mistakes. I will take any helpful advice for any readers who want to leave comments too.

I had a daughter in law reply on my Facebook that reminds me that any mother that has had her mother there is also welcome to give me any advice you have. I just want to know any and everything I can on how I can help make the process in the labor and delivery as smooth and stress free as possible.

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