My Siblings


“I know it’s a cliché, but the whole family is just whacked. I mean, we’re all out of our minds. They’re the funniest, most eccentric bizarre people I’ve ever met, my siblings.”
― Dana Carvey

I am the fifth of six children in my family. My husband is an only child, whose father died when he was almost nine years old. As I tell my husband of the different things my siblings and I did in our childhood, he is amazed any of us made it to adulthood. To be honest my siblings and I agree with him. We were your typical kind of siblings that fought, teased, laughed, played, and tattle on each other. There is a large age gap from the oldest, my brother Don who was born in 1951 and the youngest, my sister Kathy born in 1966. What one of us could not think up to do, there was the others to come up with something. We shared many memories in our childhood. I love it when we now can get together and start telling some of our cherished childhood stories. We retell many of the same ones, yet laugh just as hard every time.
I cannot image how boring and lonely my life would have been without my partners in crime siblings. We each are so different, yet we love each other for who we are.

My older brother Fred, passed away in 2010, and it still is something I cannot totally come to terms with. I find myself talking to him all the time when I am doing something he and I did together. His death was a wakeup call for me to remember how precious each moment in our lives is. How important it is not to take our live ones for granted. Our daily responsibilities keep us busier than I would like, and the time we can get together seem further and further apart as our own individual families have grown, but when we do get together, it’s as if not time has passed and we are those silly childhood siblings laughing and carrying on as we always have done.

My husband bought me a wonderful artwork I hang on my wall that I make sure I read each day that I would like to close my blog this week with.

By Tim Tarrant
No matter how great the distance, we return, bearing the bruises of the paths we’ve chosen.
We come to join in laughter, in comfort, and in grief.
In this house spirits soar, souls dance, and magically we make up for the lost time.
We gather in a whirling celebration of life and like the river that run into the sea, we are once again whole.
We take comfort in knowing that through moments of great joy and times of sobering reality, we are surrounded by all that we will ever need … each other.

I love you Brothers Donald K, and Fredrick K; and Sisters Joann, Theresa M, and Katherine E Danner. Thank you for all the cherished sibling memories that I have. There will always be a bond between us that nothing can take away from us.

Mom & My Siblings and Me

lol we all have our crazy family moments, that are not so funny while we are living in them, but afterwards as we retell the stories, the laughter is priceless.

What sibling memories do my blog readers have that you are willing to share?