John Barrett, My Paternal 2nd great grandfather

John Barrett

John Barrett is my Paternal 2nd Great-Grandfather. His birth is 14 Dec 1837 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. His death 29 Jan 1894 in Albion, Cassia, Idaho, United States. A few interesting facts I have learned about him is John is a twin, he was born 10 minutes before 11p.m. 2 Back Clock Alley, Market Street registration district, Manchester, Lancashire, England. His twin sister is Mary Jane Barrett her death was on 28 Dec 1928 in Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts. He married Hannah Bradbury on 22 May 1859, in Ashton-under-Lyn, Ashton-under-Lyn, Lancashire, England. She already had three children before they were married, their names are, John William Bradbury (1852 – 1914); Violet Bradbury (1856 – 1930) and William Bradbury (1858 – 1858). William died when he was only two months old. John and Hannah had four sons, their names are, Thomas Barrett (1860 – 1919), my great-grandfather, Edward Barrett (1862 – 1954), John William Barrett (1865 – 1899), David Barrett (1869 – 1926). John came to America with his two older adult sons and their family sometime in the 1880’s. His wife Hannah and the other children remained in England. I cannot find any divorce documents, and there is a conflict on stories that have been passed down in the family as to why Hannah and some of the children remained in England and some moved to America. I know that in England they worked in the coal mines, and work was hard and pay was little, so it’s believed the ones who moved to America did so to build a better life where they could work and earn a better income. The one fact I do know is Hannah did married a Charles HALL on 3 September 1892, in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. On her marriage document to Charles, Hannah was listed as a widow, but John Barrett did not die until 29 January 1894. John had gone up into the mountains to get some logs to help build my great-grandfather Edwards log cabin with a team of horses. On the way back down the mountain, for some reason the horses got spooked and before they could get control of the horse the strap holding the logs broke, and John was killed by the logs all rolling over on him. It was said that John was a hard worker. They know the area where John was buried, but it was an unmarked grave, so the family put a memorial name stone by his son Edward and his wife Alice that were buried in the same cemetery there in Albion Idaho.
John Barrett's Memorial Marker


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