Happy Fathers Day 2014

I want to honor my father Donald Barrett Danner and the other father’s in my family who make a great impact on the lives of their family . I am grateful for all you gave to allow our way of life to be Free and Based on Peace. My father followed in the footsteps of our family’s rich military history. I would like to thank him for all he did and continues to served with honor to God, Country and Family. He taught his children to give our best and our all to everything we do in our life. I would like to share the “Military” page I am creating to honor my Father, Donald Barrett Danner who served our country with honor in the US Marine Corp, and is still serving in his local area with their Veterans events and in his community to do what he can at 84 to keep America strong and the land of the Brave. I love you DAD and so proud of the man you always have been.


I want to honor my wonderful husband, Danny J Loveless, for being the best,most loving, and wise father to his five children and step father to my five children. He did the Mr Mom thing and was actively involved in his children’s life. He shared his musical talents, his love of working and playing with boats of all size from the RC model boats, ski boats, and the race boats with his children. When me and my children came into his life, he stepped into the role of Father so easy and made my children feel as if they were his own and not just step children. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives.



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