Helpful Web-Site to Help with Genealogy Search

I am always looking for new free websites to aid me in my search for my family history.
I find by reading others blogs and learning from what they have done in their family research I open new ways to find more about my family history.
Below are a few of the website I have found from others that have helped me, so hope might be able to help you too.
I would love everyone who reads this to share any free website you use that I can add to my list to use.
This is a process that for me will always be a “Work in Progress” and “Learning on the Job” experience.
No matter how long I have been at this Genealogy I find I can and need to learn new ways to approach and use the resources that come available in aiding and fine tuning my family history and make it as correct and accurate as I possible can.

Helpful Web-Site to Help with Genealogy Search:

• Finding Our Cousins: Learn how can open new branches for growing your family tree.The Descendants Viewer lets you see hundreds of descendants from an aerial view.

Good Luck in Your Genealogy search for your family history!


4 thoughts on “Helpful Web-Site to Help with Genealogy Search

  1. Thanks for the links! There are a couple I’m not familiar with, so I’m going to go check them out soon. I tend to keep going back to the sites I’ve had the most success with…but I know I need to branch out. Thanks again!

    • I am the same, there are a few sites that are my go to all the time sites in my research, but I use the other less know sites when I need to search more because I hit a block, they sometimes give me another clue to keep finding more data on my family history. I try to keep my mind open to learning new ways to do my family research.

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