A Follow-Up About : My Brother Fred and the Family Line Back to Adam

My brother, Fred, was, and to me, will always be, the most amazing person. He would stay on task and followed through with every project he ever did. His genealogy efforts were years of him gathering and recording his research, some the old fashion way, going to places and looking up records at libraries, churches, or other public record buildings. He wrote anyone in the family that might have any leads. He was a great organizer, along with so many other talents he developed though out his life. He also was computer savvy and he followed any leads he could on his research. It helped that his job took him over to England, where that branch of the family had lived. He lived there for the last 25 years of his life, and so he would take weekends, or holiday trips to do some of his research. He had gotten back into some royal family lines, as far back as BC 900.

When I got back home from bringing his stuff back from England in 2011, and put in his family data into two of the genealogy sites that I use: familysearch.org (free site) and ancestry.com (a site that cost, but I use the money my father gives me for Christmas to pay for this site) the other family data started to be found. I have found by working several genealogy sites at the same time, I might find one piece of information on one site, and when I put that information into the other sites, could find more information.

So how was our family able to trace one of our lines all the way back to “Adam“:

• For our family, it was some luck that Fred was able to tie us into several royal lines whose family history is a matter of easy access through public records.
• Some of it was not giving up when hitting blocks, and following every lead.
• What started with our Grandma Ellen Barrett Danner in 1925, starting to record her family history, who then passed it on to her two sons and ten grandchildren, than us, working as a group to get each other whatever information we found so we all could keep adding on to the family line, to getting this family line back to “Adam” in the Fall of 2013, it was a group effort that took 88 years to complete.
• With genealogy becoming as popular as it has become, and the fast pace that information is now being recorded on the computer it most likely won’t take other families as long as it did my family to complete different lines on their family’s histories.
• Also, know that some lines like this one, we got lucky, where others family lines, like our Danner line who happen to come from Switzerland during the period of time that much of the records have been destroyed in the many wars that have taken place in that part of the world throughout history, so we might not get back any further than the 1400 that we are at now.
• We can only go as far as recorded documents will allow us.
• I have come to feel any and every bit of family information I can find and learn from is a great source of joy and gives me a sense of family unity; to my past, present and future.
• For me places like this Blog, is a wonderful source to talk, share, learn, and enjoy the many ways we each go about finding out more about our family’s history.
• Take what you have, stay with doing the research, follow all leads, and don’t give up, or get discourage. You never know where or when you might find another break though in your family history.


One thought on “A Follow-Up About : My Brother Fred and the Family Line Back to Adam

  1. So far I can only trace my family back reliably to the late 18th century on one line. Other lines only go back as far as the 1850s. I’ve seen some trees on ancestry that include some of my ancestors and that claim people that go even further back, but without actual records posted to those trees, I am reluctant to rely on them. I want to go and find records to validate them!

    And I know what you mean about the joy that comes from even the smallest discovery. I look forward to sharing our discoveries through our blogs!

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