Depression is a Medical Illness not a Lifestyle Choice

I want to thank my daughter Kristine for turning me on to my new found hobby of “blogging”. I have read so many well written and insightful blogs that have moved me. I just read a bloggers article on “Depression and Springtime”. Depression is one of those subjects that publicly are not talked about much or very well understood. I just want to share what I was moved to reply to this wonderful bloggers after I read their blog:
“Thanks for your insightful blog. For those who do not struggle with this problem it’s hard for them to understand why those of us who do, cannot look around smell the roses, and see the happiness that is all around us, and just be happy for the little blessings in our lives. Reading your blog made it clearer to me that we can change how we present our self to others and we can appear to them to be OK and happy, but to those of us who share this “unwanted”, yet so real heavy burden of depression right to the marrow of our bones it’s not something we can will gone.”
In my case, after reading this blog I have come to except that I can know my life is very blessed and yet I can still fight with depression, and that does not make me a bad or selfish person, just one who battles with Depression and still I knows God loves and blesses my life. I am grateful for those like this Blogger who battle their own personal demons, and yet willing to put themselves out there to share and help others feel less of a freak and have some hope and insight to use to battle our own personal demons.
I look forward to the day when “Depression” is an excepted and recognized medical illness to the majority in the public, like Cancer and AIDS, that some deal with in our lives, and not an embarrassing condition that is thought to be just a choice that if a person wanted to can “Will” ourselves out of. We cannot begin to medically fix a problem, until we can admit that it is a problem.


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